Thirty-One Days of Summer: Week 2

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Continuing from last week, here’s week two of my “Thirty-One Days of Summer” photography project!


July 8. What I see // I see chemistry. AHHHHH! My mind is swimming in complicated acid/base equations, stoichiometry, and titration.



July 9. Supplies // My beloved sewing supplies. These Gingher scissors are the best!



July 10. Full // Those kiddos are FULL of ENERGY. They were such a delight to watch playing in the water with their “swimming” essentials – a hose, a tarp, and a playground slide.



July 11. Monday // Sheep shearing. Usually on Mondays I get the new school week rolling by printing out all my schedules and charts. However, this Monday was different because my family and I drove three hours to get our three sheep sheared. And then three hours home. We were out ALL day. You never know what the day is going to be like with a large homeschool family!



July 12. A self portrait // My history book and I.



July 13. Noon // Feeding the hungry pigs blueberry juice from one of our family’s favorite breakfasts – Fruit Crisp. I wish you could see them drooling. Boy, were they!



July 14. Strength // Taking out school bus seats. My little siblings and dad worked SO HARD to get the benches out of a 72-passenger bus… all in one day!




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I love the word “down home”…

Of, relating to, or reminiscent of a simple, wholesome, unpretentious lifestyle, especially that associated with the rural southern United States.

That’s me in a nutshell.

I live way out in the country in Texas and enjoy my busy life living in a large family. I love photography, piano, sewing, and, most of all, my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. If you died tonight would you go to Heaven of Hell?

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