Thirty-One Days of Summer: Week 1

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I have always wanted to do a photography challenge, specifically a 365 project. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to do one when one of my favorite bloggers, Rosi, announced she was going to do a “Thirty-One Days of Summer” photography challenge and she invited her readers to participate with her. For me, not even having my own camera yet (I use my mom’s), this would be less of a commitment than a 365 yet it would help me grow as a photographer. So I’m participating in Rosi’s challenge and I’m using bethadilly‘s July prompts to direct me in what I photograph everyday. My plan is to blog my pictures every week for the month of July. Here’s week one!


July 1. Change // Change is on the way! My dear mother is expecting number seven. I feel so blessed to have six siblings now!



July 2. I love this // I love my pen. I carry it around with me everywhere. Over the past few months I have had a crazy obsession with finding the perfect pen. It has been a Sharpie Pen, a Texas Tech ISD promo pen (of all things), and now, a Uni-Ball Roller Pen. The perfect pen allows me to vent my crazy ideas, daydreams, and thoughts in my journal, or on any paper, all without interruption and without skipping a beat.



July 3. What I did today // I blogged.



July 4. Patriotic // Fireworks. The 4th of July is my favorite holiday of the year! This shot was a learning experience as I shot it WITHOUT a tripod using a 3-second exposure. Challenging!



July 5. Salty // Chipotle burrito bowl. One of my favorite restaurants… I totally dig their food! I took one bite and thought, Boy, this is salty. I’m not delighted that I used an iPhone to take this picture. Oh well.



July 6. An accessory // My little sis’s cowboy hat. And her boots. And their dress up skirts. Absolutely adorable.



July 7. Nature // Good morning, little birdie! I have a dear friend, Vicki, who is sick with ALS and can’t speak anymore. Before she got sick she came out to our land and noticed this little bird and told me it’s name. This scissor-tailed flycatcher always reminds me of you, Mrs. Vicki!




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I love the word “down home”…

Of, relating to, or reminiscent of a simple, wholesome, unpretentious lifestyle, especially that associated with the rural southern United States.

That’s me in a nutshell.

I live way out in the country in Texas and enjoy my busy life living in a large family. I love photography, piano, sewing, and, most of all, my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. If you died tonight would you go to Heaven of Hell?

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