The Best $15 I Ever Spent

Hey all y’all farming friends! I have been meaning for forever to post about my favorite pair of rubber muck boots, but have never gotten around to it… until today! I can’t recommend the 15-inch Servus Comfort Technology Knee Boot enough. I first purchased these boots in 2015 after being failed by a pair of cheap Walmart rubber boots. You see, we had just had a round of severe barn flooding after lots of rain…

[I was going to include a picture of the mud and flooding in the barn, but on second thought… it’s really gross… never mind.]

When I went to go milk our cow every night, I literally had to wade through 1 foot deep mud. I got stuck half the time. This called for tough boots that didn’t leak – no way I liked the cracks on the ankles of my previous boots letting mud into my shoes.

Out of necessity, I visited our local Tractor Supply to find a good pair of muck boots. I came across this pair Servus boots for $15. Not wanting to spend an arm and leg, I bought them, but I was very skeptical about their durability considering “you get what you pay for.” Not so with this pair of boots. Nearly two years and many muddy barns later, these boots still work as good as ever. The most awesomest pair of rubber boots EVER that NEVER leak. I love wearing them whenever I’m outside in the garden, chicken coop, getting the mail, or milking the cow/goats.

You can find them here at (one of my all-time favorite stores) Tractor Supply with free shipping!


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