See Sally Kick *** Week 1

Disclaimer: Don’t let the title of this book prevent you from reading it. I’ve read it through and he never mentions the word again. It’s just in the title. With that said, let’s begin…


In this increasingly hostile world it is vital that as women we know how to defend ourselves and take measures to prevent ever even needing to defend ourselves. If you’re like me, you wonder, how can I learn self defense and personal safety?

That’s where this book comes in. See Sally Kick *** by Fred Vogt is written by husband and father of three daughters who has achieved multiple black belts and has studied martial arts for years. He has a strong passion for women’s safety and now devotes his energies and time to teaching women how to stay safe in their daily lives.

The good news is that since 1994 crime has decreased by about 50%. But… if you were the victim of a crime this number means nothing. You were still the victim.

So… our family bought this book and I read it. I loved it. But now it’s time for my family and I to implement it.

A couple days ago I pulled this book off the shelf and re-read the intro and chapter 1. All the while highlighting, underlining, and marking up the book with notes as the author suggests. I then got some of the family together and taught a practice session and lesson.

My plan is to do one of these lessons about once a week (or month, practically speaking). I thought, hey, I’ll share some of my group lesson ideas, practice activities, “homework” assignments, etc. here on my blog for y’all. My hope is that this would encourage you to get out there and teach the people in your life how to be more safe, all the while learning how to lead a more confident and safe life yourself. I learn so much just by teaching others.

The following is just ideas and is supplemental to the book. Please purchase it and read it. And mark it up.

Week 1 Ideas:

  • Buy See Sally Kick *** from (let me know if you find the supplemental DVD – I can’t find it anywhere!).
  • Read the Introduction, The 4 A’s, & Attitude (you could have your students read it as well).
  • Highlight the key points and what you find interesting.
  • Take notes.
  • Encourage discussion in your meeting.
  • Go over the 4 A’s with your students by having them repeat after you each one and give them a brief description of each –
    Attitude – the mindset you have and the image you project
    Awareness – seeing what is going on around you
    Avoidance – simple everyday actions to reduce risk
    Action – direct steps to take when confronted
  • Give your students a summary of each section/chapter from what you highlighted and the notes you took.
  • Read quotes from the book if you need to, but don’t just read aloud the book – your students need to see that you are excited about this.
  • Stop at figures 1, 2, & 3 and imitate the lady in the pictures.
  • Ask your students, “If you were a criminal which person would you target?”
  • Have your students demonstrate a strong & ready, weak, and distracted image.
  • Share these two “homework” assignments to help your students implement what they learned today and help them make this a part of their daily lives –
    1. When you feel the need this week to make a phone call, etc. while in the middle of getting to point B from point A, make an active choice to get to point B first and then make the phone call.
    2. When walking out of the store do a quick mental evaluation of your posture/stance and then adjust it so that you project a stronger image and attitude.
  • Ask your students what was the biggest thing they walk away with today or learned.
  • Print out these ideas.

Oh, and send me your ideas! Until next time…

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