Photo Shoot for Polka Dot Spring Apron

I had a ton of fun in this photo shoot with my super cute model for my all new apron… *drumroll* Polka Dot Spring girl’s apron!!!

I learned that this little girl will stand still for 2 minutes and then it’s party time!

Walking to the driveway where I usually take my apron pictures…


Exploring her new apron…

The back of Polka Dot Spring

Posing politely…

Front of Polka Dot

Then I switched the apron to the other side and it was PARTY TIME! She started to goof off and my instinct was to say, “Now calm down and behave for me.” But I’m so glad I didn’t. These pictures are so cute and are some of the best. It’s amazing what you can capture behind the camera when you let the subject be who they are!

about to bounce...

getting up...

goofy girl

_DSC0229 (2)

_DSC0231 (2)

_DSC0233 (2)

Time to jump!



She is so precious…

her face

I could post a zillion pictures of this gal!

_DSC0270 (2)

Instead I have a super short video summary (14 seconds):

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