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Many of you know that I have been using my mom’s Nikon D3300 crop sensor DSLR for a couple years now – yep, didn’t even have my very own DSLR until recently! Here’s how it went though: a few years ago I started saving up for a Canon Rebel and then shortly thereafter Mom got her Nikon. I learned how to “do” photography on hers and then started saving up for a semi-pro DSLR. I was planning on getting a Canon 60D or something like that. Then, I thought, “Well, if I’m going to get a semi-pro, I might as well just save up a little more and go pro!” As it goes, I ended up “saving” a long time – problem is I couldn’t ever make up my mind on which camera to go with… do I go Nikon or Canon? New or used? A newer latest-and-greatest model or an older model?

I’m happy to say that a couple weeks ago I took the leap and bought a CANON 5D MARK II!!! I got her on eBay at a great price and with a low shutter count! I used a checklist from PetaPixel to ensure that everything was working properly on my used DSLR. Things I was specifically looking for when searching on eBay:

  • Shutter count < 10k

  • US model

  • Great cosmetic and working condition

  • Never been dropped

  • First owner selling

  • Comes with orginal packaging/accessories

  • Returns accepted

  • Obviously, 100% positive feedback for seller

As soon as I won the auction, I placed an order on B&H Photo (I LOVEEEEEE B&H!!!) for a 50mm lens + an SD card. DON’T DO THAT. I received the camera from eBay and soon found to my dismay that the memory card slot was ginormous – way too big for my little SD card! Some quick research online revealed to me that the Canon 5D Mark II requires a CF card. *facepalm* (duh, me the researcher and prepper that I am, why didn’t you research that ahead of time??) So, I quickly called B&H and ordered a CF card… and then had to wait, it felt like ages, to receive it.

I have to say though, how easy it is – and fun – to buy so much extra gear afterwards! Here’s a list of what I’ve accumulated so far:

  • Camera bag – totally necessary for protection.

  • Lens filter – for protecting the front of the lens from scratches and from UV light.

  • Lens hood – keeps my pictures from being hazy and washed out when around strong lights and another layer of protection for the lens. Also, have to say, I don’t think it’s necessary to buy expensive hoods from Canon.

  • Extra battery – the one that came with the camera is nearing the end of its life.

  • A beautiful camera strap – just adorable!

  • CF card reader – so helpful so I don’t have to hook my camera up to my PC when importing pictures and risk it dying half way through and corrupting my card… or even ruining the camera!

… and my to-buy list is growing longer! Oh, the lenses I could buy!

Enough talking about the gear though… how do I like my camera?! I LOVEEEE it! I have no clue how I shot on a crop sensor for sooooo longggggg. A brief list of some things I’ve noticed/learned so far:

  • The full frame DSLR is built for shooting in Manual. I never knew how hard it is to shoot in Manual on a crop sensor until I got my full frame. I’m amazed at how easy it is to change settings in the exposure triangle – this full frame is BUILT for a Manual shooter like me!! <3

  • One thing I noticed almost immediately is that I had to crank the ISO up higher in every situation than when I was on a crop sensor. At first I wondered, is something wrong with my camera? But then an article from Tony and Chelsea Northrup cleared it all up. :)

  • Back-button focusing – how did I live without this?!

  • ISO extension and all the customizations you can make to the camera.

  • ISO capabilities at night! Wayyyy less noise than on a crop sensor.

  • Going from a crop sensor with a 35mm prime to a full frame with a 50mm prime wasn’t much of an adjustment – the folks are right who say the perspective in the viewfinder is about the same.
  • This may be just me, but I feel like I’m more able and it’s easier to project my style on my pictures in post-processing than on the pictures from the crop sensor. I don’t know if this is just a happy feeling I get from using a full frame camera, but I love editing the pictures from my Canon!

Hope you enjoyed this post about how I’m expanding my horizons in photography just a little bit more! I know I just love learning from others and reading about what others buy, gear they recommend, etc. So hence, this post. :)

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