My New Favorite Cookbook


One day, while scanning over all the various titles in the Costco book isle, one book in particular caught my attention. United Tastes of Texas… hmm… That looks interesting.


As an extremely patriotic Texan, this book was love at first sight. Flipping through it, I see BREATHTAKING photography of delicious Tex-Mex food (my favorite!) and gorgeous Texas landscapes. I see lots of MOUTH-WATERING (literally) steaks, desserts (cookies, cakes, and pies, oh my!), seafood, fried chicken, tacos, and soups – all categorized by which part of Texas these authentic recipes came from… Central, East, Coastal, South, and West Texas.

My family’s taste buds missed out on a lot for the next week or two because we did not get United Tastes of Texas that day. Fortunately, we eventually got it! And, boy, has it rocked my cooking world. I have barely scratched the surface of making all 125 recipes in there and have so many more lovely recipes to make!


What I have made thus far: Texas Meat Rub (amazing multipurpose rub), Rump Roast (pretty simple), Cornmeal Fried Fish (ahhhhh), Crispy Popcorn Shrimp with Buttered Corn Dipping Sauce (complicated but delicious), Texas Strip Steaks (subbed the strip steaks for Ribeye), Masa Dough (great for homemade corn tortillas), San Antonio Puffy Tacos (complex and a learning experience), Cinnamon Ice Cream (DE-licious), Texas Burgers (just did the burgers without the buns) and Cowboy Cookies (love, love, love).


If you are looking for a cookbook with simple recipes to whip up at a moment’s notice, this is probably not the cookbook for you. But if you want homemade, from-scratch, authentic recipes from all corners of the Lone Star State, dive right in – I think this just might be the book for you.






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