My Favorite Poem, Molly Pitcher


One of my favorite poems in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD is “Molly Pitcher” by Kate Brownlee Sherwood. It is such an emotionally beautiful poem that really puts you in the feet of a one brave woman from the revolutionary war. I memorized it long ago. Every time I begin reciting the beginning of the poem to my dad, “ ‘Twas hurry and scurry…” he begins to cry and tells me to stop :’)
So without further ado, here is MOLLY PITCHER…

‘Twas hurry and scurry at Monmouth town,
For Lee was beating a wild retreat;
The British were riding the Yankees down,
And panic was pressing on flying feet.

Galloping down like a hurricane
Washington rode with his sword swung high,
Mighty as he of the Trojan plain
Fired by a courage from the sky.

“Halt, and stand to your guns!” he cried.
And a bombardier made swift reply.
Wheeling his cannon into the tide,
He fell ‘neath the shot of a foeman nigh.

Molly Pitcher sprang to his side,
Fired as she saw her husband do.
Telling the king in his stubborn pride
Women like men to their homes are true.

Washington rode from the bloody fray
Up to the gun that a woman manned.
“Molly Pitcher, you saved the day,”
He said, as he gave her a hero’s hand.

He named her sergeant with manly praise,
While her war-brown face was wet with tears—
A woman has ever a woman’s ways,
And the army was wild with cheers.

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I love the word “down home”…

Of, relating to, or reminiscent of a simple, wholesome, unpretentious lifestyle, especially that associated with the rural southern United States.

That’s me in a nutshell.

I live way out in the country in Texas and enjoy my busy life living in a large family. I love photography, piano, sewing, and, most of all, my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. If you died tonight would you go to Heaven of Hell?

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