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Meet Rosi – an aspiring photographer who loves photographing her life living with her family on a small homestead in Arizona. She has enjoyed doing a few photo shoots and hopes to start a photography business soon. I stumbled across her blog in the summer of 2015 and absolutely fell in love with her photography and style! I was thrilled to get to interview her…


ME: What is your photography story?

ROSI: I wouldn’t say I’ve always loved photography. I never dreamed or imagined that one day I would be as passionate about photography as I am now. My interest in photography was sparked about 8 years ago with a very basic point and shoot camera with which I took photos of everything! Flowers, food, sunsets, family, you name it! I fell in love with capturing moments and soon realized that I had outgrown our point and shoot camera. However, at the time I did not have the funds to purchase a fancy DSLR camera. I prayed and waited and God provided. I used my trusty Canon Rebel T3 for about 3 years, learned everything I could about it, watched videos, and put everything I learned into practice. I was blessed to be able to shoot the weddings of a couple of my friends as well as portraits for other people which helped me grow enormously. I then discovered there was even better cameras out there, but once again when I looked at the price tag it was impossible for me and out of my reach. So I prayed about it and forgot about that prayer I had made. But my Heavenly Father in His great goodness, did not forget. He provided once again the funds and a good purchase opportunity for an upgrade which is where I am at now.

I still have so much more to learn in this photography journey but have had an amazing experience of trusting in the Almighty and capturing the beauty of His Creation. Looking into the past, these photos bring joy. Taking pictures helps me re-live moments and look back upon this beautiful life story guided uniquely by Him.


ME: What camera, lens and software do you use and what did you get started with?

ROSI: First of all, I’d like to quickly mention one of my all time favorite quotes, “The best camera is the one in your hand.” because it is something that resonates with me so much. Photography is so much more than simply the equipment you use, it is what the word expresses: writing with light. There is so many cameras out there, but if you will take the time to learn about lighting and storytelling, even a simple phone camera photo will express so much feeling and emotion.

All that being said, I recently upgraded to a Canon 5d Mark II and am beyond blessed to have the 50mm 1.4 and 28mm 1.8 lenses. I shot with a Canon Rebel T3 for about 3 years and a 50mm 1.8, and both of these cameras are a great testimony of the Lord’s provision.

For editing, I use Adobe Camera Raw.


ME: What is your editing process and do you make your own presets?

ROSI: I use Adobe Camera Raw (my computer currently does not support Lightroom!). After importing my photos, I like to cull through them and after getting rid of the ones I don’t like, I use the VSCO Pack 1 presets as a starting point. Right now my favorites are Fuji 160C and Fuji 400H. Like I mentioned these are a starting point and one thing I’ve realized is that presets usually don’t mean it’s a one click edit and you’re done! You have to tweak them to fit your style! So after applying a preset, I’ll go and adjust the white balance & tint if needed, brightness & contrast, and recover any highlights that may have been blown out. VSCO is meant to emulate film but I’m not big on the grainy look, so I’ll remove any grain and increase the sharpness of a photo just a tad. It really just depends on the photo, but this is what I do to just about every photo!


ME: What books, websites and resources do you recommend?

ROSI: I love me some YouTube videos! As a visual learner, it is definitely the most wonderful resource I can recommend. From photography tutorials down to camera reviews, it’s got it all pretty much covered!

Some of my favorite YouTube photographer channels are:

David Ilinyn

Jamie Delaine

Jasmine Star

Nadia Meli

Jessica Kobeissi

(disclaimer: I do not endorse all that these photographers post.)


ME: What is the single most important piece of advice you have for an aspiring photographer?

ROSI: It is not impossible to become a good photographer. Start small, don’t limit yourself, use what you have, practice constantly and above all be patient!


ME: Go check out Rosi’s blog at and be sure to subscribe to her posts by email! I also LOVE getting videography inspiration from her on Vimeo at

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