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I made the leap. I bought Lightroom! After following the “Lightroom 5” search on Ebay for about a week, I decided to buy it after I ran across a good deal. I didn’t want to have to pay $9.99/month for the rest of my photography “life” as Adobe now has you pay. I was kind of nervous making the investment, but I’m so glad I did! Hearing from other photographers also really cemented my decision. But wow! I do have to say that it is a HUGE software! I feel overwhelmed with all the settings and I know I have a LOT to learn.

Right after purchasing it, I participated in a webinar with Cole’s Classroom (Thank you, Christy, for recommending!) about Lightroom and learned a lot. I also have enjoyed watching Patience Pennington’s tutorials on Lightroom. I love how she gives her pictures a vintage, processed feel. Kudos to her for teaching us how to do the same!

I’m starting to catch the “Lightroom fever” though. I love playing around with my new toy and could make presets for hours. I love how I can edit TONS of pictures with one click. Here are some of my first shots edited in Lightroom:


You have gorgeous eyes, lil’ sis.


Early morning pictures of my mom’s wheatgrass after she sprayed them with water…







One day later. They have grown a lot.


I love the water droplets.



Some pictures from a photo shoot I did with my parents awhile back…


(Thanks to Royal MajesTees for the t-shirts!)


Yes, I am kind of obsessed with black and white…


Do you make your own presets? Or do you buy them?

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