Interview with Christina from Christina Hastings Photography

It has been a long while since I have posted an interview with a photographer! Today I’m super delighted to introduce you to Christina Hastings, an amazing wedding photographer based out of Austin, Texas. I first started following Christina’s photography a few years ago after hearing about her from her […]

East Texas Mini Shindig 2017

Y’all, I got back from the East Texas Mini Shindig a couple weeks ago. I had a blast. So much fun. Hanging out with old friends. Meeting new ones. Chatting with people who don’t think you’re a weirdo because you were homeschooled. It doesn’t get much better than this. Before […]

Littlest Sister

One of the best days of my life was when I witnessed the birth of my youngest sibling late October this year. My littlest sister’s pregnancy was a rocky one and I’m so grateful to God that she is healthy and here! I’m so thankful for her life and I […]

Maternity Photo Shoot with Mom & Dad

Yes, this post is a little belated. I took the following maternity pictures for my mom and dad over a month ago. And the baby is already here! She was born late October. I hope to post her pictures soon… For now though I want to post some of the […]

Thirty-One Days of Summer: the last 10 days!

Jump to: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 July just flew by! I can’t believe I’ve finished this challenge not missing a single day. I hope you enjoy seeing my last 10 pictures for the “31 Days of Summer” photography challenge!   July 22. My guilty pleasure // Ketchup. I […]

Thirty-One Days of Summer: Week 3

Jump to: Week 1, Week 2, Last 10 Days I can’t believe I’m on week three already! Here are the pictures I took… July 15. Five // Fifth fret. I’m learning Cuckoo Bird on my mandolin.   July 16. Little // My lil bro’s hot wheel car. I love this […]

Thirty-One Days of Summer: Week 2

Jump to: Week 1, Week 3, Last 10 Days Continuing from last week, here’s week two of my “Thirty-One Days of Summer” photography project! July 8. What I see // I see chemistry. AHHHHH! My mind is swimming in complicated acid/base equations, stoichiometry, and titration.   July 9. Supplies // […]