Interview with Christina from Christina Hastings Photography

It has been a long while since I have posted an interview with a photographer! Today I’m super delighted to introduce you to Christina Hastings, an amazing wedding photographer based out of Austin, Texas. I first started following Christina’s photography a few years ago after hearing about her from her […]

Interview with Olivia from Lightshaft Media

Meet Olivia – a big sister to five brothers (yes, I know!?), a lover of light and a life & love photographer based in central Kansas. Enjoy her interview! ME: What is your photography story? OLIVIA: I have always loved taking pictures ever since I can remember. First with film, […]

Interview with Rosi from Everyday Joy Blog

Meet Rosi – an aspiring photographer who loves photographing her life living with her family on a small homestead in Arizona. She has enjoyed doing a few photo shoots and hopes to start a photography business soon. I stumbled across her blog in the summer of 2015 and absolutely fell […]

Interview with Olivia from Olivia Marie Photography

Meet Olivia – a love & lifestyle photographer based in Virginia. I LOVE Olivia’s photography and her style. Her pictures looks so natural and “unedited” (if you will). I love the genuine, authentic, intimate and REAL feel that her photographs possess. That said, I was SOOOO excited to get the […]

Interview with Laura from Laura Christine Portraits

Meet Laura – a portrait photographer based 10 miles west of Cedar Falls, Iowa. I first learned of Laura while hearing her and her family play at a homeschool conference last year and they were AMAZING!!! You seriously need to check out their YouTube channel. After looking at their website […]

Interview with Christy from Chriddy Anne Photography

Meet Christy – or “Chriddy” as some call her – a creative, colorful, candid, bilingual, tech savvy, homeschool high school student and photographer. I contacted Chriddy asking her if she would be willing to do an interview with me about photography. She said that she would love to. So without […]