About Me


Hi. My name is Abigail (aka Grace).


I am a big sister to 6 amazing siblings.

I am a Daughter of the King.

And a daughter to 2 wonderful parents.

I am a dreamer/go-to-gal.

I am an aspiring photographer and videographer.

I am a blogger.

I am a seamstress.

I am a proud Texan.



I love cowboy boots.

I love Christian films.

I love Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush.

I love to play piano, mandolin and sing

I love my curly hair.

I love dancing with my siblings to “When We’re Together.”

I love being frugal and am obsessed with saving money.

I love eating cold meatloaf, green beans, and mashed potatoes. Anyone else?

I love dreaming about DSLRs and camera equipment.

I love to cook when I’m not tired and the kitchen’s clean.

I love to be creative.

I love to sew aprons.

I love entrepreneurship.

I love REALTREE (or Mossy Oak) hunting camo.

I love potatoes and ketchup.

I love to laugh out loud and make other people laugh.

I love banties.

I love to carry writing utensils in my mouth and am obsessed with Sharpie Pens.

I love 505 chiles.

I love adding things to my to-do lists and checking them off even if I’ve already completed it.

I love Jesus.